Fresh thinking marketing strategies

At Refresh Marketing we take a fresh look at your marketing strategy, and provide creative and effective solutions to help your business succeed.

We are experts in end-to-end customer experience and channel transformation programmes across a range of industries and the public sector. Having successfully delivered online retailing and customer self-service technologies we can help you maximise business efficiences whilst delivering an enhanced customer experience.

We can support you with:

  • Digital services strategy for channel shift programmes
  • Brand development, corporate identity and customer typologies
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Digital marketing and social media
  • Tailored consultancy solutions

Give your business a fresh start and get in touch today.  Find out more about coaching and mentoring. Are you looking for tailored consultancy services?


Refresh Marketing Consultancy offers a great service. 

Roisin’s experience and skills meant that she very quickly understood exactly what the business was about. The initial meeting only took up an hour and yet her attention to detail resulted in her providing a detailed and accurate report which gave us a better understanding of what is and isn’t working and clear  recommendations as to how to take things forward. This has provided a valuable service and one every business should consider.

Roisin combines expertise with a friendly and approachable style.”